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Why must you do a photography workshop with Girish Menon?

Girish Menon has taught photography to more than 3,000 participants between the age of 10 and 85.

Girish has a patient approach to teaching photography and understanding the difficulties of his students, most of who are using DSLR Cameras for the first time.


  • Girish facilitates every workshop himself taking a keen personal interest in the development of each and every individual participant.
  • Girish is widely travelled and has facilitated workshops for people from a wide variety of backgrounds, nationalities and has designed special workshops for youth from underprivileged communities.
  • All workshops are task oriented and give you the vital information needed to start seeing immediate results.
  • People, portrait photography, street photography, travel photography, wildlife and bird photography and macro photography are his favourite subjects. Girish has many hundred hours of on-field experience in each of these fields. This experience is evident in his work, teaching style and solutions.
  • Girish is a visiting faculty for photography at the University of Mumbai.
  • Girish has used 35mm and medium format film cameras for 6 years before shifting to digital photography and even today, continues to use analogue cameras from time to time. Most of those 6 years were spent working with black and white film. Girish is an expert in the Zone System for black and white photography that was introduced by Ansel Adams.
  • This knowledge has made him an expert in understanding light and exposure.
  • Girish has taken a special interest in understanding the workings and features of all brands of DSLR, m4/3, mirrorless, bridge and point and shoot cameras.
  • Girish is highly recommended by his students, colleagues and clients.
  • Doing a workshop with Girish Menon ensures you unlimited post workshop support through facebook and e-mail!

Girish Menon


Brief biography

A solo-backpacking trip from Mumbai across the Southern tip of India way back in 2003, turned life around for Menon. Having set off with a camera and 30 rolls of film, this I.T. programmer discovered a world he didn’t know existed; an organic world – simple, pristine and beautiful. As an explorer, Menon “saw strange places and met stranger people”.

Life was never the same again. Formal training in photography immediately followed.

The young lens man travelled through Maharashtra, publishing numerous photo essays on sites of historical and architectural importance. But, it was everyday rural life that had Menon enchanted. Inspired by a geography teacher way back in school who had opened up vistas through fabulous visuals of the natural world in days with no cable television and internet, Menon’s captivating lens yearned for more. A journey that he had started off on as a young boy with dreams of studying fine art suddenly morphing in a degree in physics.

Menon dug still further into his soul and discovered the purpose behind his each click. Each frame for him became a means of documenting history as it unfolded as well as playing a small part in creating that history. Today, the artiste organises photo journeys to give us a glimpse into a life less ordinary. Imagine learning photography on the glistering sand dunes of the Thar Desert? “I believe that by documenting our rapidly diminishing heritage and culture, we are doing a valuable service to society, to our future generations.”

“My life’s calling now is to nourish the lives of others through photography journeys deep into villages as yet untouched by the high walls of urbanisation, we all find so hard to break through.” This visiting faculty at the University of Mumbai, where he teaches photography, is a self-confessed addict.

“I enjoy very few things apart from travelling, making photos and spreading knowledge through my lens.”


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